Flyleaf Commentary

Celestial Capers is a suspenseful yet delightful story about the experiences and adventures of a dozen twelve year old kids with special abilities that take place on planets in faraway galaxies. From the very beginning, the reader’s imagination is tickled and will remain stimulated until the last page is turned.

When young Prince Pulsar arrives on the planet Proton in late summer of the year 5008, he has no idea that challenges, adventures, pranks, intrigue and danger beyond his wildest imagination await him. His young life is about to go through some major changes. This metamorphosis begins with his enrollment in a very special school and grows as he, his new classmates and Queen Quasar, his aunt and the ruler of Proton, become enmeshed in a series of plans, traps and schemes surrounding a very mean monarch, Emperor Eclipse, the tyrannical ruler of the planet Erebus and aspiring inter-galactic conqueror. The Emperor is a clever and elusive quarry with an unquenchable thirst for power. He must be stopped, for the alternative is unacceptable.

Prince Pulsar and his classmates have some very potent powers of their own, but will they be enough to defeat this evil despot. They may never know because they may not be allowed to try. After all, they’re just a bunch of kids.

Will the good guys win or does that only happen in the movies? The answer is just a click away.

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